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For any questions pertaining to this application, please contact: Susie Choitz (

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I don't know or have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?
Answer: You can request a password reset by visiting this page.

Question: My recommendation status is "Pending". What does that mean?
Answer: When requesting an external recommendation, the task will show as "Pending" before the recommender has submitted their recommendation. The task will be marked "Completed" when the recommender has submitted their recommendation.

Question: The dates/times associated with my submitted material seem to be a few hours off. Why is this?
Answer: This happens when we are unaware of your local timezone. Please set your timezone in your account settings page.

Question: How can I edit a document that I uploaded?
Answer: You have to edit it outside of the FluidReview site, then upload it again.

Question:  How do I "sign" an online form?
Answer:  Use your cursor to draw your signature.

Question: How important is financial need?
Answer: We look at applications holistically and consider family financial need as a factor.  

Question: If I do not attend one of the Lenfest Partner High Schools, may I apply?
Answer:  No.  Only juniors at Lenfest Partner High Schools are eligible to apply.

Question: May I send an extra recommendation?
Answer: Only if you feel that it will add information that is not able to be included in the required parts of the application.  If there is additional information that you think will help in our decision making, have it sent to .

Question: I completed all three parts of the initial application, but got a message that my application is not complete.  Why?
Answer:  After you complete all three parts, you still need to "submit" the entire application via your FluidReview dashboard.

Question: I just realized that I need to make a change after I submitted my application.  What do I do?
Answer: Send an email to with the change.  Include your name and be very specific.

Question: I don't know my cumulative GPA or Class Rank or Percentile.  What should I do?
Answer: Ask your guidance counselor for that information.  If your guidance counselor does not know this information, either answer "Not Available" or give your best approximation.

Technical problem? Please fill out a support request form for assistance.